Local Calls 613-966-5015 

Toll Free 1-800-829-7076


Quinte Rehab will be the leading
provider of client centred multidisciplinary Therapy services 

Our Mission:

The Quinte Rehab team provides quality, professional, client centred multidisciplinary Therapy services including assessment, treatment, consultation and education to clients of all ages, in Eastern Ontario

Our Values:

  • Client centred service, committed to family engagement
  • Caring, professional, Therapy with a commitment to quality & safety
  • Promotion of a healthy and safe work environment
  • Committed to community partnerships
  • Collaborative multidisciplinary teams

Our Priorities:

Client Family, Healthcare partners, stakeholders, community wheel


Exceptional Client Centred Therapy:

 Commitment to Home Care Best Practice
 Engage Client, Family & Caregivers to ensure client focused solutions
 Efficient and effective service planning

Human Resources Excellence

• Dedicated and talented team of therapists
• Successful recruitment/retention to meet client needs
• Supportive and effective team Culture

Safety for Clients, Therapists & Staff

• Client Safety is paramount
• Integrated IPAC Best Practice
• Safety of staff and therapists is essential

Integrated Information Technology

• Supporting successful Client experience
• Accessible, timely and secure information
• Integrated decision making and communication

Culture of Quality Improvement

• Focused on the Client, family, caregiver experience
• Achieve key performance indicator targets
• Identify opportunities for improvement ongoing

Dedicated Home Care Leadership

• Leadership dedicated to Home Care excellence
• Collaboration with Community Partners for quality system outcomes
• Responsible financial controls and accountability

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