Local Calls 613-966-5015 

Toll Free 1-800-829-7076


We provide comprehensive home-based nutritional assessments, education and counselling for individuals, families and caregivers. Our Registered Dietitians  provide practical tools to help people thrive in the community through therapeutic nutrition education, disease prevention & management and health promotion.

Services may include:

  • Management of enteral feeding (tube feeding)
  • Therapeutic diets (ex diabetes, COPD, heart disease)
  • Nutrition management for GI conditions
  • Nutritional support for wound healing
  • Modified textured diets for swallowing disorders
  • Nutrition support through cancer treatments
  • Pediatric nutrition (ex failure to thrive)
  • Support for clients & families through palliation

Services are provided with funding from Home and Community Care Services for eligible clients. 
Referrals can be made by clients, family/caregivers or physicians.

To determine if you or your loved one is eligible, please contact 
1-800-668-0901 or 310-2222 
or healthcareathome.ca/home-care/

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