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Quinte Rehab provides therapy services to children to assist them in realizing their potential. Services are provided in private schools and those registered in a homeschool program. The School Therapy program is funded by the Home and Community Care Support Services.

Female health care worker watching as a young girl plays with playdough

Services May Include:

Occupational Therapy
School Health Services:

School based Occupational Therapy services
include assessments and recommendations to maximize your child’s ability to participate in daily school activities. General areas of Occupational Therapy include fine motor and gross motor function, printing and handwriting skills, sensory processing skills, self care skills, accessibility issues in the school setting and specialty equipment required for school participation.

Female health care worker pointing at her smiling mouth while holding up the letter S in front of a young boy, teaching him how to make the sound for S.

Speech Therapy
School Health Services:

School based Speech Therapy provides assessment and treatment for children with fluency (stuttering), voice and severe articulation/phonological difficulties to enhance
their success with school participation.


Female physiotherapist helping a young girl stretch with bands

School Health Services:

School based Physiotherapy provides assessment and recommendations to promote your child’s optimal participation in daily school activities and improve or maintain physical function. Areas of therapy include the use of exercise programs, gait training with or without aids, positioning and equipment. This also includes training of Educational Assistants and other school staff in necessary techniques for the care of your child and assistance with exercises and safe transfers.

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