Services We Offer:


…provide assessment, treatment and education of movement problems that result from pain, disease, accident, injury, recent surgery, as well as aging or life long disabilities. This includes pain management strategies for acute and chronic problems, as well as functional mobility assessments. Through the use of exercises and modalities (such as heat, ice, TENS and ultrasound), our Physiotherapists will help you return or adapt to regular daily activities.

Occupational Therapists:

…enable clients to safely participate in daily activities of self care, work and leisure.

Services may include:

  • Recommendation of adaptive equipment to promote independence (ie. wheelchairs & seating, bathroom safety.)
  • Environmental modifications to the home, work or school settings.
  • Consultation and education on strategies to live with physical, cognitive and/or emotional challenges.
  • Functional job site evaluations and return to work programs.

Registered Dietitians:

…provide nutritional assessments and counseling for individuals, families, caregivers and groups. As nutrition experts, our Registered Dietitians recognize nutritious eating as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our Registered Dietitians work with clients in areas of general nutrition, therapeutic diets, disease prevention and health promotion.

Speech-Language Pathologists:

…provide comprehensive assessments, counseling and treatment programs for adults, pre-school and school-aged children. Our Speech-Language Pathologists work with clients in the areas of speech, voice, expressive and receptive language, fluency (stuttering), swallowing difficulties, and augmentative and alternative communication.

Social Workers:

…provide counseling and support to assist people in making healthy adjustments for coping with challenges they may be facing. Our Social Workers have a Masters of Social Work Degree, and are Registered with the Ontario College of Social Work.

Assistance may be given in a variety of areas, such as coping strategies for adjusting to illness/disability, family relationships, loss and grief, palliative care, anxiety and depression, caregiver support, legal issues/Power of Attorney, and/or accessing necessary community resources.

Services are available in French, as required.